Invitation to Nominations,
From 4-30 April 2017


Within the ACURILEAN AWARDS, slated for ACURIL 2017 PUERTO RICO, and in agreement with the Multidisciplinary Research in the Caribbean conference theme, ACURIL’s Special Interest Group on Research in the Information Field presents THE ACURILEAN FLAMBLOYÁN AWARD FOR RESEARCH AND CREATIVITY IN THE INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE FIELD 2017

The Flamboyán (Delonix regia), known as the tree of fire,
mainly for its majestic red flora,
although it also blooms out in rose, yellow and blue colors, dresses itself beautifully in ACURIL 2017.

Native to the dry deciduous forest of Madagascar
The Flamboyán reigns in our entire Caribbean region,
and in brotherhood, inspires us with her fire,
giving us the magic atmosphere of vital energy and passion
to study, teach, conduct research and bring to forth lot’s of creativity.

THE ACURILEAN FLAMBLOYÁN AWARD FOR RESEARCH AND CREATIVITY IN THE INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE FIELD is geared to stimulate and stand out the annual production and contribution of colleagues in the information field, through the research and creativity endeavors, around a variety of topics leading to facilitate inclusion, access to information supporting the study, research endeavors, assist in sound decision making, recreation and entertainment and leisure activities in different sectors of the community; the organization and retrieval of information; the development of information competencies, to enrich the development and quality of life of our Caribbean region.

ACURIL’s Special Interest Group on Research in the Information Field cordially invites ACURIL members to nominate research and creative projects, individually or collaboratively created, on paper or electronically, Being the first edition, projects created in the last two years 2016 and 2017 will be accepted.

Nomination Criteria

Colleagues interested in submitting a nomination for this Award, must observe the following:

1. The person that nominates as well as the nominee must be ACURIL members (prior to June 2017).

2. Must present a document with a well defined description of a project pinpointing the situation confronted, the major purpose, the goal(s) and objectives, information regarding the literature revies, standards and/or theoretical support, methodological design, final product, etc. focusing the research lines indicated on the award’s description

3. Identify outstanding innovative and creativity elements observed in strategies used within the project – in its design and implementation – to satisfy an information need, to provide and deliver better services in the information field.

4. Pinpoint the impact evidenced or expected to, with the equal access to information, the levels of satisfaction derived by users with their information needs, the development of information competencies to diverse clienteles, etc. ; efforts to contribute to the study and research endeavors, to the sound decision making of the citizenry, and/or means to propitiate happiness/well being with recreation and leisure activities to special communities.

5. Explain how the project could serve as a model, or potential example to be adapted to other information experiences in the Caribbean region.

Instructions for Nominations

All ACURIL members officially registered by May 2017 (institutional, association and personal members) may submit a research and/or creative project in the information field.

1. Nominations may be submitted from April 4-30, 2017.

2. Complete nomination documentation must be submitted filling out the form presented below.

3. The nomination documentation, must be submitted by electronic mail, addressing it to: The Acurilean Flamboyán for Research and Creativity in the Information Field. 2017, ACURIl Executive Secretariat

Projects Exposure at ACURIL 2017

The project’s documentation, be it electronically or in paper format, will be exhibited on a table adjacent to the ACURIL’s Official Table.

Voting and Selection

The voting process will take place within ACURIL 2017 PUERTO RICO, from Monday, June 5, at 1:00 p.m., to Wednesday, June 7m 2017, next to the ACURIL Official Table, to facilitate affiliation recognition and voting. Only ACURIL members will be able to vote for one of the projects submitted.

Only 2 (two) research and/or creative projects will be selected as a result of the voting by ACURIL members. The slection will be made known on the Red Carpet ACURILEAN Evening of Awards, on Thursday, June 8, 2017, at the Condado Plaza Hilton Hotel, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Those interested in nominating projects must elaborate and submit a Microsoft Word document, point 12, with the followint parts,

Part A.

1. Cover page with the following information:

1.1 Name of the Award

1.2 Name of the author or authors (responsible for the project nominated)

1.3 Local address (City, Country, Postal code)

1.4 Celular ; Fax

1.5 e-Mails; Webpage (if any)

1.6 Names of (2) colleagues (ACURIL members) submitting the nomination, local addresses, tel or celulars; fax and e-mails.

Part B. Summary

Brief summary (not more thatn 250 words) describing the project, single space, in Microsoft Word, point 12.

Part C. Project Description

Kindly, do not exceed 10 pages in total, double space, using Microsoft Word, point 12, observing the following elements:

1. Briefly describe the nature of the project.

2. Present a well define description in terms of: identifying the existing situation, the purpose of the project, goal(s) and objective(s), literature review, theories or standards used, methodological design, final project, etc., focusing the Awards’ description.

3. Identify and describe innovative and creative strategies used in the project.

4. Identify and describe the achievements observed in terms of Effectiveness and Success. (Include photos, in color, high resolution, and jpg format

5. Describe assessment measures used for the project and if available, include the instrument used (in appendix).

6. Describe how the project could be replicated by other information unit.

Part D. Appendices (than can contribute to the description)


1. The nomination document and those supporting, in electronic format, should be sent to and received at ACURIL’s Executive Secretariat, addressed to: THE ACURILEAN FLAMBLOYÁN AWARD FOR RESEARCH AND CREATIVITY IN THE INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE FIELD 2017, ACURIL Executive Secretariat, P.O. Box 23317, UPR Station, San Juan, P.R.00931-

2. An original in paper formt may be handed in at the ACURIL Official Table, on Sunday, June 4, 2017.

3. Should a high number of nominations are received, 2 Merit Certificates will be bestowed.

4. THE ACURILEAN FLAMBLOYÁN AWARD FOR RESEARCH AND CREATIVITY IN THE INFORMATION FIELD will be bestowed on the Red Carpet Evening Closing Ceremony and Banquet, on Thursday, June 8, 2017, at the Condado Plaza Hilton Hotel, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Nature of the Award : $100.00(US) for each one of the projects selected, a plaque and a certificate.


Due date to submit the nomination is: April 30, 2017, to:
ACURIL Executive Secretariat


Title of the Project


Name(s) of the Person or Team nominated (Must be Acuril members):



Local address:________________________________________________________

Celular(s) ( )______________________________________________________

Fax ( )_______________________________________________________________


Nomination presentad by 2 ACURIL members :

First name and surname:




Local address:________________________________________________________


Celular ( )_____________________________________________________________

Second name and surname:




Local address:_________________________________________________________


Celular ( )_________________________________________________________

Date of nomination____________________________________________________

Kindly send the documentation to:

ACURIL Executive Secretary, P.O. Box 23317,
UPR Station, San Juan, P.R.00931-

Thank you.


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