How Libraries Contribute to the United Nations 2030 Agenda: An IFLA Survey

by Maria Violeta Bertolini

IFLA invites you to submit examples of how libraries contribute to the United Nations 2030 Agenda

Libraries make an important contribution to development. They help people get the information they need to access economic opportunity, gender equality, quality education, improve their health or develop their communities.

In 2015, IFLA launched a survey to gather examples of how libraries contribute with the UN 2030 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Many contributions were received from all over the world and with this information IFLA published in June 2016 the booklet and handout “Access and Opportunity for all”. This publication is a useful advocacy and awareness-raising tool to show how libraries drive progress across the entire UN 2030 Agenda.

Today, IFLA launches a second call for examples, to support the advocacy work done by the library community at national, regional and global levels. Data and examples are key to show policy makers how libraries are already supporting development through their programmes, products and services. Therefore, this survey aims to gather examples that will be used for the advocacy work done by IFLA, its members and the broader library community related to the UN 2030 Agenda.

IFLA invites you to submit examples of library programmes, products or services from your country that are clearly linked to one or more SDG(s). Ideally, examples will be from different types of libraries, ensuring a good representation of countries and regions, so we really encourage you to contribute!


The survey is currently available in 5 languages (EnglishSpanishArabicRussian and Portuguese). We are in the process of translating it to all 7 official IFLA languages and we expect to have them available shortly. Please note that although English is preferred, answers can be submitted in any of the IFLA official languages.

Thank you in advance for your contribution

Kind regards,

Maria Violeta Bertolini
Advocacy Communications Officer
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)
P.O. Box 95312 2509 CH The Hague
Phone: 0031703140884
Follow @IFLA_Lib4Dev and #Lib4Dev for news and updates!
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